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  • RCA RFR321-FR320/8 IGLOO Mini Refrigerator, 3.2 Cu Ft Fridge, Black

    RCA RFR321-FR320/8 IGLOO Mini Refrigerator, 3.2 Cu Ft Fridge, Black

    If you are looking to buy a high capacity mini refrigerator, please check RCA RFR321-FR320/8 Igloo mini refrigerator. Since this refrigerator comes from RCA brand, so there shouldn’t be any questions to quality and performance.

    RCA RFR321-FR320/8 comes with 3.2 cubic feet capacity that can be impressive capacity for middle-range refrigeration requirements. Also, it comes with compressor cooling capacity plus space saving flush back design that means you can easily install it anywhere you want.

    Further, it comes with impressive features including built-in can dispenser, freezer compartment, slide-able glass shelves and adjustable thermostat. Amazingly, it has reversible door that allows left or right opening for all your convenience. RCA RFR321-FR320/8 IGLOO Mini Refrigerator can easily be purchased from Amazon where you will be able to compare other similar products, prices, and read real reviews posted by users. Read more…

  • Igloo FR326M-D-BLACK Erase Board Refrigerator with Neon Markers, 3.2 cu. ft., Black

    RCA 3.2 cu. ft Fridge

    Before I mention features and capabilities of Igloo FR326M-D refrigerator, let me tell you that it is a popular brand name. The name Igloo has good popularity in the United States of America and in other countries. The popularity of this brand can directly be credited to the quality it offers.

    Igloo FR326M-D-BLACK refrigerator is a high quality product from the popular Igloo brand. It has a huge storage capacity of 3.2 cubic foot, and has reversible door, door basket for 2 liter bottles. Also, the front door is a dry-erase board where you can easily write and erase right on the fridge.

    Further, Igloo FR326M-D-BLACK 3.2 cu. ft. fridge has an adjustable thermostat, slide-out glass shelves and ice cube tray. The erase board refrigerator is made in a space saving design that means it requires very less space to be installed. Since, it has slide-out glass shelves so it is very easy to clean, and has flush back space saving design so it is good for any small office, kitchen, dorm or play room.

    Since Igloo is a leader in refrigerator world so there is no doubts to the quality and performance any Igloo product delivers. Moreover, most of the Igloo products are available on various internet shopping websites so you can easily buy them. Read more…

  • RCA-Igloo 3.2 Cubic Foot 2 Door Fridge and Freezer, White

    RCA-Igloo 3.2 Cubic Foot 2 Door Fridge and Freezer, White

    There are numerous popular brands of fridges. These top popular brands can be Midea, RCa, Black & Decker and many others.

    RCA is also a popular brand among other popular fridges brands. If you are looking to buy a quality fridge, please check with RCA. You can check RCA Igloo double door freezer. It looks very stylish in white color.

    Double door RCA-Igloo fridge has impressive storage space of 3.2 Cu. Ft. Today most of the popular fridges come with adjustable thermostat, RCA-Igloo also comes with an advanced thermostat. Apart from an adjustable thermostat, it also comes with compressor cooling capacity. With the help of compressor cooling, it is able to deliver the best performance regardless the weather.

    3.2 cubic feet RCA fridge and freezer carries space-saving profile and flush-back design. Since it has flush-back design so it can take less space to be placed anywhere in your room.

    Further, this top brand RCA fridge has integrated dispenser and door basket that accommodates 2 liters bottles very easily.

    It also comes with vegetable drawer with glass shelf to keep your vegetables very crisp.

    Since it has two doors so the top door is to open the freezer and the bottom door opens the fridge. The top door lets you access lots of space and store frozen food. While the bottom door has pull-out glass shelves and vegetable drawer compartment. Read more…


  • Igloo 1.7 cu ft Refrigerator RED hot new color

    Igloo 1.7 cu ft Refrigerator RED hot new colorIgloo 1.7 cu ft Refrigerator doesn’t give any noise as it is very quiet when switched on. It has a water tray inside and removable wire shelf and comes with one year of warranty.

    It measures 17.33 by 15.5 by 19.39 inches and it requires 115V to be operated. Most importantly, it looks amazing in red color and will surely advance the décor of your home or kitchen.

    It has also adjustable thermostat in the range of 4° to 16° Celsius. Please make sure that the freezer compartment doesn’t have a door, it is just an ice cube chamber. It can hold many drink cans, bottles, and condiments on the inside of the door. Read more…

  • Igloo FR180 1.6-Cu-Ft Stainless Steel Door Refrigerator

    Igloo FR180 1.6-Cu-Ft Stainless Steel Door RefrigeratorIgloo FR180 1.6-Cu-Ft Refrigerator has stainless steel door that looks amazing and can surely advance the beauty of your kitchen or wherever it is installed.

    This is a 1-7/8 Cu. Ft. refrigerator that has softline and reversible door and has gotten flush-back design. Other features are slide-out shelves, invisible door handle, low energy consumption and free from CFC. Igloo FR180 1.6-Cu-Ft Stainless Steel Door Refrigerator measures 20 X 18 X 21 inches. Read more…

  • RCA- Igloo FR100-115 1.7 Cubic Foot Fridge, Black

    RCA- Igloo FR100-115 1.7 Cubic Foot Fridge, BlackRCA- Igloo FR100-115 1.7 Cubic Foot Fridge it comes in free standing installation mode and it is made in the USA. RCA- Igloo FR100-115 features 1.7 Cu. Ft. capacity, adjustable thermostat, compressor cooling, and space saving design, reversible door and door basket.

    This refrigerator is ideal for college dorm room, bed room, office or any place where you want a compact fridge to keep your food and drinks safe and cool.

    It is free from CFC and has built-in adjustable thermostat to keep your food and beverages at good temperature. The freezer is compressor cooled to deliver the best performance regardless of inside or outside of temperature. RCA- Igloo FR100-115 door sides can accommodate 2 litre bottles very easily. Further, it has gotten space saving design (flush back) reversible door so that you can open the door from left or right. Read more…

  • Igloo 9.2 Cubic Foot Fridge with Bottom Mount Freezer, Auto Defrost

    Igloo 9.2 Cubic Foot Fridge with Bottom Mount Freezer, Auto DefrostIgloo 9.2 Cubic Foot Fridge with Bottom Mount Freezer comes with adjustable thermostat to keep all your foods and drinks eatable/drinkable and cool all the time without any doubts. It has reversible door and door racks that hold all your preferred drinks.

    It has large capacity of 2.8 inch Cu. Ft. freezer portion and it comes with baskets and a frost free feature for all your convenience. It also comes with a portion that is called Fresh Food refrigerator portion that sizes 6.4 inches that can easily accommodate all your fruits, vegetables and likewise items.

    Igloo 9.2 Cubic Foot Fridge with Bottom Mount Freezer is very easy to clean and it has glass shelves and you are good to go. You can easily install it in your pantry, dorm or your office kitchen. Moreover, it is being presented by Igloo that is leader in upright refrigerators and freezers without any doubts. Read more…

  • Igloo Eraser Board Refrigerator, 3.2 Cu Ft Black

    Igloo Eraser Board Refrigerator, 3.2 Cu Ft BlackIgloo Eraser Board Refrigerator has two shelves, 2-liter bottle storage area, door can rack and many other storage compartments for all your convenient refrigeration requirements. It has reversible door that has left and right hand opening attributes.

    Further, it has great food shelves for keeping groceries in an organized way. You can use the door rank for added storage requirements.

    This 3.2 Cu. Ft. refrigerator from IGLOO is a great way for too many storage items and it provides the easy to enjoy your preferred beverages, foods, vegetables and groceries. The product measures 19 by 17.5 by 31.5 inches and the shipping weight is 151 pounds. Igloo Eraser Board Refrigerator is originally made in the USA to make sure you get high grade refrigerator at a reasonable price. Read more…

  • Top Fridges Reviews: Danby DBC120BLS vs RCA IGLOO vs Koolatron KWC-4 Mini Fridge

    Danby DBC120BLS Beverage Center – Stainless Steel

    Danby DBC120BLS Beverage CenterDanby DBC120BLS Beverage Center comes with 3.3 cu. Ft. capacity that is great for sportsmen and other people who always have to store beverages for their day-to-day drinking requirements. It features mechanical thermostat that comes with great temperature range of 43F to 57F. It features three black wire shelves that are great for cooling multiple beverages. Also, there is a great lighting system that works to light the whole interior of the beverage centre so that you can easily see each compartment very clearly. Now is the time to serve your friends and family who are gathered at your home for watching your flat screen TV. Whether it is a big spot event such as Olympics, football or hockey, you will be able to serve with varieties of beverages to your visiting guests of your home. On the other hand, it comes with a great capacity of 120 can to make sure you never short on ice cold beverages. Dandy DBC120BLS looks elegant at your home and its tempered glass door and stainless steel trim will surely advance your home décor. Read more…

    RCA – IGLOO 3.2 CU FT Platinum Fridge

    IGLOO platinum fridgeRCA IGLOO fridge comes with impressive capacity of 3.2 cu. Ft., has sleek design and beautiful outlook that will surely advance your home décor. You can easily place this RCA platinum fridge in your office, dorm room, kitchen or playroom. It is designed with compressor cooling to keep the drinks and foot at an appropriate temperature. You can easily keep your dinner, ice cream or other snacks as it comes with integrated freezer for such purposes. It features a door divider to precisely keep your drinks and other liquid items. Further, it features sliding shelves that are great for cleaning the inner part of the fridge. This high grade RCA IGLOO fridge is made in a comprehensive design with reversible door so you can fit in any spot you want. It has temperature controller that makes the energy consumption easy, though the fridge is made in an energy consumption technology to use less energy. So this is a great refrigerator for those who are looking to cool and freeze drinks or foods easily. This IGLOO brand refrigerator can be a good replacement to your old refrigerator that has not enough features or they are not working perfectly. You can replace your old fridge with RCA IGLOO platinum fridge that has all the required features to cool your beverages and meals without any extra efforts and with more convenience. Read more…

    Koolatron KWC-4 Coca-Cola Personal 6-Can Mini Fridge

    Coca-Cola Mini FridgeIf you are looking to buy a personal fridge, you can check Koolatron KWC-4 Coca-Cola Personal 6-Can Mini Fridge. This is a compact fridge that is easy to carry anywhere you go and you can easily place it in offices, dorms, living rooms or kitchen. It comes with a great cooling feature to cool up to 32° below ambient temperature. It has 4-liter of capacity and it can keep 6 cans each of 12 ounce. It features recessed door handle and it runs on 110V AC power with the help of an AC adapter. In case, you are experiencing noises, please check if the fan blades need cleaning as this can be the main cause of the noise. Now you have this personal fridge, you can easily store any type of juice and take day-by-day, no need to buy daily. Having such powerful personal fridge will surely cut down on wasting of beverages, foods etc. Koolatron KWC personal mini fridge is a great alternative to fresh juices, other beverages and fresh meals. Read more…

  • Garage Fridge

    If you want to buy a high quality fridge for your garage, please check the fridges and refrigerators, which are displayed below. Most of the fridges and refrigerators come from trusted brands so there shouldn’t be any doubts to the quality and performance. You can find a wide range of units such as 3.2 Cubic Feet Red Color Fridge, Portable Tool Box Refrigerator with 2 Drawers, Small Mini Fridge with Glass Door, 2-Door Compact Refrigerator and many others. Some popular fridge brands that are mentioned here are KUPPET, Igloo, NewAir, Danby and many others.

    hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler – 120 Can Mini Fridge with Glass Door for Soda Beer or Wine – Small Drink Dispenser Machine for Office or Bar with Adjustable Removable Shelves

    hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

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