OMORC 10L Mini Fridge Review

OMORC 10L Mini Fridge Review

The OMORC is a very lightweight mini fridge, weighing just 4.5 kilograms or around 12 pounds. It is an ergonomically designed compact fridge that gets the job done no matter where you use it. As it is very small and lightweight, it does not take up too much space and can be placed very easily inside the car while you are traveling to your camping site. The design of this mini fridge gives it a very premium look, so you can even use it in your home or office besides taking it on occasional road trips.

Top Features

  • The motor produces very little noise while on full power.
  • It has a very efficient compressor that enables it to consume very little power without compromising its cooling abilities.
  • It has very accurate temperature control modes for precise cooling of your foods.
  • It has a maximum cooling temperature of -9 degrees Celsius and it can also be used to warm up to a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.
  • The 10L capacity makes it an ideal product for camping trips.


  • It has a compact design with lots of useful features
  • Lightweight mini fridge of just 12 pounds
  • Simple and precise temperature controls makes it very easy to use


  • The design language may not be liked by some customers

Final Verdict

The energy efficient motors of the OMORC 10L mini fridge makes it a very eco-friendly product. Coupled with a low price tag and amazing customer support, you can’t go wrong with this mini fridge.

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