Subcold Pro4 Luxury Mini Fridge Cooler 4 Liter

Subcold may be a new brand but this Subcold mini fridge looks cool. The reviews look fine, the features are also good. So, it can be an excellent low-price fridge. This is a 4-liter mini fridge, the inner dimensions are 5.23-inch by 5.94-inch by 7.87-inch. So, this mini fridge is a great option to give you access to cold drinks and snacks all the time, while it comes at a low price. Good thing about this Subcold mini fridge is that it is quite specious to keep various things inside. The removable shelf and door pocket can be a great space extender so that you would have enough space to store various items like beverages, breast milk, cosmetic products and more. More importantly, the Subcold mini fridge gives you multiple connectivity options. You can attach this fridge with the regular wall outlets, or power it with a regular power bank via the USB connectivity port. Impressively, it is a great energy saver because it uses a powerful semi-conductor (2.5A refrigeration chip), so it consumes less energy than others.

Users of this Subcold mini fridge love it because it is the perfect size fridge for them. Even it is the perfect size mini fridge for a bed size table. I read a review written by a user, this user was using this mini fridge to store heart medication at night. The user said that this little fridge delivered great cooling performance as the fridge was capable to cool his medicines well. Therefore, this user highly recommends this fridge to others because it has a great cooling capacity. As per another user, it works great at his desk. This user bought the Subcold mini fridge to keep his drinks cold and he liked it. However, he said that it was not super cold but it was perfect for his needs. Also, he praised the lightweight profile of this mini fridge, which runs quietly too. As per this user, a little condensation was seen inside but it was not a big matter for this user. Also, this Subcold 4L mini fridge comes with the regular power cord, a separate USB cord for car or a USB port. Overall, it was a nice mini fridge for most customers.

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