Cooluli Mini Fridge for Bedroom – Car, Office Desk & Dorm Room

Cooluli mini fridges are trending, so this is the right time to explore the capabilities of these fridges. Since these Cooluli fridges are very popular, the customers would get a good deal! I am saying very popular because I saw the number of review counts on Amazon and other shopping websites. In my view, the Cooluli mini fridges are very popular because they look cute, are convenient and lightweight too. This is a 4-liter Cooluli classic fridge, which has a matte finish and a great design, so it would look quite stylish and cute in your room or on the place where it is installed. As per the product description, it measures 7.25-inch wide, 10.25-inch deep and 10.75-inch high. It weighs approx 4 lbs. And, for keeping various items in it, the mini fridge is quite versatile. You will be able to store various items including drinks, food, snacks, breast milk as well as the skincare products.

In my view, the Cooluli 4-liter fridge is very good for storing bottles overnight. A user said that she purchased this Cooluli portable fridge to keep breast milk in it during the night, so this user didn’t have to go up and down the stairs to keep the milk in the refrigerator. However, this user advised buying a small thermometer because the fridge may get a little warmer sometimes. Her fridge temperature travels between 37 to 42 degrees temperature. As per this user, to store the breast-milk in a fridge the ideal temperature should be 40° so please think of this. Also, this user says that the warmer the room, the warmer the fridge would be. However, this was not a big problem for this user because she used the fridge in night to store the baby milk.

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