How To Cut Large Blocks of Frozen Meat

How To Cut Large Blocks of Frozen Meat

It is very difficult to cut blocks of frozen meat. Sometimes it takes a very long time to cut this. Some people may not have enough time to waste on it. That is why today I will help you with some easy tricks on how to cut large blocks of frozen meats quickly.

Here I will share 6 easiest hacks for cutting meat straight from frozen.  

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 #1 Run The Frozen Meat Under The Water

After taking out the frozen meat from the fridge,  take it into a bowl and run it under the water for several minutes. It will help to make the meat soft around the edges so that you can cut the meat easily. Now take a heavy-duty knife-like meat cleaver and it will be quicker as well as easy to cut the meat properly. 

#2 Use Vinegar

When you will cut some frozen meat, pour some vinegar on it. This process would help to down the freezing temperature and allows the frozen meat to get soften up faster. Before cooking the meat wash it so that the meat would not taste sour. But I would suggest, use apple cider or balsamic vinegar; it would add more flavor to the meat. 

#3 Use Metal Pot

Put your frozen meat in a ziplock bag. Then take a metal pot to flip the pot over and place the ziplock bag on top of it. Now take another metal pot and add some normal tap water on it to make it heavy. Then place the second pot on the top of that meat, to sandwiching the meat between two metal pots. This process helps to speed up the process of thawing. When your meat gets soft enough then just cut it with a heavy-duty knife.                                  

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#4 Use Good Manual Meat Slicer

One of the best ways to cut heavy frozen meat without thawing it is by using a good manual meat slicer. This method is very expensive but there are some benefits of using a manual meat slicer.

  • Time-saving, if you use this tool you do not need to wait for thawing you can cut heavy frozen meat after taking out the meat from the fridge. Besides this frozen meats also helps to make juicer steaks.
  • If you love to eat shabu-shabu, then paper-thin slices of meat are a must. Though it is possible with a knife but a good meat slicer has advantages when it comes to thinness, efficiency and, safety.  
  • Besides frozen meats, you can also slice hard vegetables by using it.

You can check some of the best meat slicers here in kitchengeeky.

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#5 Use Butcher Saw

If your frozen meat is too big to use any of these methods above, I would suggest, bring out the ace and use a butcher saw to cut the big frozen meat. Though this is an expensive choice but this one is the most effective and easy way to cat any big frozen meat.

#6 Place The Frozen Meat In Microwave

This is another easy process to thaw the frozen meat that you bring out from your refrigerator so that it will be easy for you to cut through the meat. This process would take 7 to 10 minutes to thaw the frozen meat.

Place the frozen meat into the center of the microwave and switch the setting of the microwave in a defrost setting. But you have to remember that the meat can get semi-cooked if you leave the meat in the microwave for a long time.

When the meat has been thawed, you can cut the meat according to what is called for in the recipe that you are following. Remember to use a heavy-duty knife during cutting the meat it takes little time and easy to cut. If possible then use a cutting board so that the meat won’t slip.

So here are the 6 easiest hacks of cutting frozen meats. I hope it will help you a lot. Share which trick you followed to do this task with your closes cause sharing is caring.

Happy cooking!!!


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